Ever since the first Women’s Table Tennis World Cup in 1996 which saw China’s sportswoman of the century, Deng Yaping, claim the first gold medal, China have dominated the event. Year by year it would be gold for the master nation, also winning silver on many occasions also.

This supremacy would last for an incredible 20 years in a row, 5 of those years China would sweep the podium for gold, silver and bronze. That however came to an abrupt end in 2016.

Last year saw history made as Japan claimed the top spot on the podium. In an unusual turn of events China would have no athletes present at the event to continue it’s 20 year run, resulting in disciplinary action against 4-time cup winner Liu Shiwen from the Chinese Table Tennis Association.

Young Miu Hirano would lift the trophy in Philadelphia, putting a new mark in the records for the first time.

Come October, when the 2017 Uncle Pop Women’s World Cup comes to Markham, Canada, there is very little doubt that the Chinese Table Tennis Association will be pushing to assert themselves back into the top spot. Currently 9 players have qualified for the prestigious 16-player event, one of those players is the Grand Slam champion Ding Ning. The current World champ has two World Cup titles to her name already, will she take a third in Markham?

Remaining qualification spots will be decided at the conclusion of the Asian Cup along with World Ranking placements and of course the wild card entry. No doubt there is plenty of room for more entries from China – and that promises for a spectacle of the world’s very best table tennis.

Will China be able to settle back into their throne of dominance in the event? Or did Hirano start a new trend which could lead Japan or other nations to challenge for the Cup?

Be there to find out live!


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