June 23, 2017 at 2:00 pm, the 2017 ITTF Women’s World Cup of Table Tennis’s first press conference was held at the Westin Prince Hotel in Toronto, Canada.


The Table Tennis World Cup, along with the Olympic table tennis games and the table tennis world championships, are known as the top three table tennis events. From October 27th to 29th, the women’s World Cup will be held in the PANAM Centre, which is Canada’s first time to hold any of the three major table tennis tournaments in its history.


Uncle Pop, a Chinese leisure food company based in Sichuan, is the title sponsor for the forthcoming Women’s World Cup. The official title of the event will be named as “Uncle Pop 2017 ITTF Women’s World Cup”.

Mr. Tony Kiesenhofer, Chief Executive Officer of the National Table Tennis Association of Canada and Chairman of the International Table Tennis Association in North America, and Mr. Zhang Lei representative of the National Table Tennis Association of Canada, presented the basic information of this competition. Tony Kiesenhofer said that the women’s World Cup held in Canada was the third time of an ITTF event to be held in countries outside of Asia in its history, there will be 20 women players of the world’s highest level participating. The world’s top 50 countries and regions including China, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India, Malaysia, etc. will live broadcast exciting events, reaching about 500 million viewers around the world.