Lei Zhangthe representative of the National Table Tennis Association of Canada, presided the second meeting of the organizing committee of the 2017 Women’s World Cup table tennis. Attendants of the meeting included Lei Zhang, Deihua Li, Heteng Zhang, Pan Xu, Rong Chen, Jinshan Zhang, Lei Ding, Bessie, Crystal, Tong G, Da Yang, Anita Chen, etc.

The meeting discussed 8 important issues:

  1. Introduction of Westin Prince Hotel
  2. Introduction of the conference room
  3. Introduction of the media interview area
  4. Confirmation of guest attendances
  5. Distribution of volunteers and photographers
  6. The production process of brochures and the setting wall
  7. Preparation of corsages and gifts for media staff

The various groups of the organizing committee have reported the preparatory work process: Rong Chen invited the Congressman Shengyuan Chen to attend the conference. Lei Zhang invited Markham Councilor Collucci Amanda to attend the conference.


More friends are welcomed to participate in the 2017 Women’s World Cup table tennis.


Contact information: zhanglei@2017wwc.com